How can I increase organic traffic on my website in 2021?

Organic traffic is one of the key metrics to a website performance. Data collected from organic traffic can indicate low traffic on your website or high traffic on your website. So how do I increase organic traffic on my website? Getting organic traffic to your website many not is hard as you think. It is all about gearing for a proper SEO strategy. Organic traffic is actually the main important traffic source. There are other traffic sources such as direct traffic, referral traffic but in this section we focus on how to attain organic traffic.

On Page optimization is the key

On page optimization is a main SEO strategy in 2021. It is not about jamming your website with 1000 articles or 1,500 words. It is all about offering quality in your website. The trends for SEO in 2021 have changed and it is all about rendering high quality content to your customers. Gearing up for on page optimization is the first step. A business that has implemented a proper SEO strategy is likely to attain high traffic than businesses which use paid ads.  Some of the on page SEO factors you should consider are neatly explained as follows

  1. Include keywords in all of your website pages

As an SEO expert, I strongly advise website clients to focus on website content. However, not all content can gain you a high organic traffic. Tailoring your content for Google is the main goal. For instance, we tend to search for services in respect to our proximity. A client who needs web design services in Nakuru will likely include Nakuru in Google search box. The following example can give you a clear idea on what the client wants and location.

In turn, we can use search keywords to optimize our website content. This allows Google to give our website more page authority and ranking.


  1. So how do I include Keywords on my website?

Every business / service has the potential to be ranked on Google Front Pages. You only need to focus on developing high quality website content. This is easy and has to be done with utmost care.

Studies show that many people are likely to type questions in the Google search Box. This is where content lies. Begin answering people’s questions and providing rich keywords in your blog post or FAQ pages.

How do I find questions on Google Search Engines?

There are two methods of finding questions on your website. You can decide to use Quora or ‘people ask section.’ For beginners, the latter is much easy. Just type a random keyword on Google and scroll down to the frequently asked questions.

If you are having problems generating keywords for your website, please contact me and I will guide you at a free cost.


The next step after scrolling to the FAS (Frequently Asked Section) involves listing the questions on a clean piece of paper. These questions will give you a clear picture of what keywords people are searching on a particular keyword. Easy right and you don’t have to pay for any keyword analyzer tool online.

Tailor your website content and be listed on Google Front Pages

The following steps mentioned above are the best way to attain high organic traffic on your website. Focus on high quality content and remember one question in FAS page can be segmented into many topics.

Get to take advantage of SEO and make your website rank higher on Google Pages. Fill the form below and include SEO on your subject.

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Here is a list of the Top Marketing trends in 2021

Digital marketing has continued to expand more even in the midst of a global pandemic. The corona virus has forced many businesses to shut down and opt to digital marketing. This has created a community of individuals who have fostered innovative ways to keep their business running. Below are some of the top marketing trends to look out for in 2021.

  1. Selective attention and Confirmation Bias

Selective attention has always been among the top digital marketing strategies. In selective attention, you tend to gain the attention of customers using things they love. This strategy is mainly used in billboards and commercial adverts. That is why models and celebrities are used to advertise products and services. Now that you have already sacrificed your attention, you can repeatedly watch the commercial advert and then be interested in the product. Confirmation bias is when the brain reinforces the idea that the product/service is now important once you spot it several times.

DO NOT brand your products and services with celebrity names and pictures. You can be charged heavy fines due to multiple copyright strikes.

Simplest way to use SA and CB is through Facebook, Instagram stories and twitter fleets. You can funnel up to 10 pictures about your product using the same song. You won’t be charged for any copyright strikes by doing this. Many people tend to go with the trending music. Make sure the music is relaxing and comfortable to listen to.


  1. Use Live Streams Q&A

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are great platforms that have provided a live feature. By simply clicking this button, you can grab potential customers’ attention and convert them into real money. First, set up a good environment in your workplace. Arrange products and services and have a script in hand. You don’t want to end up frozen during a live stream. Alert your social media followers early in advance before you hit the live button. You can decide to do Questions & Answers live or simply talk about your brand, how customers can reach you and why they should buy from you. Demonstrate the ability to offer real value for money and make short pauses to engage with your audience.

  1. Voice and Visual search in SEO

Adopt voice and visual search in all your digital marketing techniques. Inclusivity is a major trend in 2021 digital marketing techniques. Voice search is a recent technology that helps you to search for products, places, services by using your voice. It eases the work of having to type a search term in a search engine. Moreover, visual search entails searching for products, places and services using pictures.

Take this for instance, a friend offered me a drink and I really liked it. However, I did not know the name of the drink. But with visual search, I took a picture of the bottle and within seconds I was able to get the name of the drink.

Visual search will speed the whole digital marketing process and increase SEO metrics. By use of visual search, you can get website traffic from a particular search term. So do you want to gain more website traffic and increase in sales conversions? Visit to work with the best digital marketing agency in Nairobi, Nakuru and country-wide. Learn how to increase sales for your business and convert potential customers using current digital marketing techniques. Otherwise contact   eneza IT through and get a free quotation today. Don’t wanna miss out on any digital marketing in Kenya, join us on Telegram.



Digital Marketing will help you to save on advertising costs

Have you set up your business for Digital Marketing?  Undoubtedly digital marketing in Kenya is the new norm simplifying all marketing processes. Why do you need a field salesman when you can adopt several strategies to help you save much money?  Nowadays, advertisements in TV stations and radio have been brought to extinction. This is termed as rapid innovation. So, if you have not adopted digital marketing, start now and be among the top pioneers in online marketing.

Let’s start off with the basics; Digital marketing is the process of advertising your business products and services through social media, websites and blogs. Definitely right, social media channels are the top sources of online traffic. A study conducted shows that an average person will spend up to 4 hours browsing through the web.

So think about funneling 1000 plus visitors to your brand in a day using social media channels.

In addition, you can convert more sales using digital marketing than oral marketing. You can spend hours trying to persuade a customer to buy a product or enroll in a service. This is where digital marketing comes in. 

In my experience, I have used social media channels to get more information about a brand. This includes getting their (NAP) information and reading reviews and ratings of their services. In Facebook, you can also get to know about a brand photos and also how responsive they are.

So how do I enroll my business in digital marketing?

To start off, digital marketing is non-discriminatory and absolutely free. It doesn’t matter whether your business is small or a freelance business. You can take advantage of this opportunity today by hiring the best digital marketing agency in Kenya.

However, to be an expert in digital marketing you have to be conversant with web design, online branding, SEO practices and content marketing. As I said earlier before digital marketing is a process and not a one-time installation. It takes much time to develop competencies in the digital marketing field.

There are so many ways to conduct digital marketing today. However, some methods may work for you and others may cost you losses and ruin your brand. A professional digital marketer will be able to suggest the best strategy that will work for your business.

Eneza IT solutions provide three start-up packages that will gear your business online. They have a package tailored for every business. Honestly, every business will soon require an online brand. The following advantages are provided by eneza it digital marketing team.

·         Increase in sale conversions

A effective digital marketing should result to more sales conversions. Eneza IT digital marketing ensures business goals are achieved. Be sure to increase profitability and get in-depth insights of key areas you should improve on.

       Strong Brand Presence

   Having a brand online is not enough. Getting your brand visible and increasing customer interactivity is the utmost goal. You can view our clients’ logos and their e-commerce sites. A business logo should be simple as well engage customer attention. This will foster more click-through rates and more calls. Eneza it solutions have eased the whole process by crafting info-graphics that speak your brand and tell more about a brand products and services.

·         Social and Cloud Based Customer Relationship Strategies

Traditional Customer Relationship Strategies have now been replaced by cloud based CRM systems. Social Media channels especially twitter has been used by Brands to interact with customers and posting useful information about a Brands latest offers and changes. This is a major advantage during this COVID 19 pandemic.

So drop the hassle of searching for the best online marketing agency in Kenya. Take advantage of Eneza it start-up packages and harness more potential for your business. Nowadays, many businesses are stuck as a result of ignoring digital marketing and sticking to traditional marketing strategies which end up draining their pockets.

What to consider before choosing a Web Design Company?

Having your website online today is more impactful and it can generate more sales than you think. In the wake of a new world whereby Digital marketing is the new norm, having a website makes your business stand out. However, a careful research is needed before selecting a web design company in Kenya. This is important to your business and also your financial budget. A wrong website design which does not meet overall business needs will only result to losses. If you are planning to get a e-Commerce website, portfolio website or blog please read this guide carefully.

  1. Research about the web design Company

This involves a deep analysis of a web designing agency services, their recent projects and clients’ testimonials. This will give you insights of what you want and verify if the website design company meets your needs. A good web design company should have listed their recent projects.  Also, check if the company has the following important pages:

  • Home Page
  • About Us Page
  • Services Page
  • Our Clients
  • Contact Us Page


  1. Check out their social profiles

The presence of social media accounts will help you know more about the company. A good web design agency will have more than three social accounts listed on their about page. Nowadays, many businesses use Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to market their products. A reliable and professional web design company will use info-graphics to promote their services. You can decide to chat with them online and request  for a quote.


  1. Schedule a call or Visit their Offices

Talking to a professional gives you confidence and helps you build a rapport. You can schedule a call or check out the Google My Business Page. This will give you directions to where the company is located. A web design company will sure ask you about website requirements. This helps a professional web designer to be able to understand your needs.

Have a clear picture of what you want. Either E-commerce or blog, make sure to have some requirements. In E-commerce websites, clients can provide his/her business products or services. Moreover, you can capture various pictures or note other websites similarly to what you want. This will enable you to be at the center-stage process of your website development. No need to have coding skills or deep knowledge about websites.


  1. Plan your Financial Budget

This is the most important step after web consultation. Website requirements also influence the overall cost of the website. If you have a limited budget, consider requesting for a quote. Other web design companies have a cost calculator that enables a client to add feature and view overall total budget. If you are newbie, make sure to call or schedule an appointment.

  1. Be involved in the website creation process

Many clients do not follow up on the website creation process. This can be disadvantageous as well as fatal. I had a recent experience with a client whereby his website had been banned by Google. It was almost 3 weeks and the client had no idea. A good web design company will surely involve you in the process and also train you on Content Management Systems.

Are you looking for a professional web design in Nakuru, Nairobi? We are a reliable website development Company in Kenya.  Talk to us or visit our website to get more information on our packages.